Aston Martin’s £1 million car – owning the design

This will be one of the fastest and most expensive cars in the world. The Aston Martin One-77, priced at £1 million (= AUD2.1 million).

As an Aston fan, I naturally want one – it’ll be faster and even more fun to drive than my Vantage V8! The interesting thing is that Aston Martin are allowing owners to customise it as much as they want. Presumably, this means if an owner wants to change even the shape from the design above, he can (this is something that has been happening with luxury car brands like Ferrari, who have been offering bespoke, 100% unique cars). So who owns the new customised design and why is ownership important?

It’s important because the person who owns the design has complete control over whether more cars are produced according to that design. If you’re going to pay millions for a unique car, you’d want to make sure that nobody else can buy an identical specimen.

This principle applies any time a special design – whether for a car, house or piece of furniture – is designed specifically for you. Get ownership of the design.

So my advice to the billionaire playboys who are ordering One-77s – make sure Aston assigns the design to you! You can thank me by letting me drive your car. Just once.


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